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What will my new lashes look like?

It is up to you, there are different looks to choose from. Natural "Mascara Look", "Glamour Look" all your lashes are filled, and "Fluffy Volume lashes" these extensions give you 3 times more lashes as nature. Your Lash Stylist will recommend the perfect set for your eyes. I went with Fluffy Look, I wanted fullness and glam. If I spend the money, I might as well go all the way!

What can and can't I do with Lash Extension ?

My two main concerns were, will I be able to take a hot shower ever again, or go swimming, or do hot yoga? All this is no problem, explained my stylist. Lash Café & Spa uses Xtreme FlexFusion adhesive. This is a hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive, with a only 3 hour drying time. It is long lasting, safe, adhesive, delivering a flexible and seamless connectivity.

With other words, one of the best glues on the market. It is safe, fast drying and I won't get an allergic reaction.

I wasn't able to expose my lashes to any water or heat, for the first 3 hours, but afterwards, I could live my life normally.

To give the adhesive a long life, you have to stay away from oil-based make up and skincare products, as they can break down the glue. No waterproofed mascara, it is too difficult to remove. As more you rub and pull on your extensions, as faster you will loose them. Truthfully, you will not need mascara with your new lash extensions.

My stylist also recommended that I sleep on my back, to prevent premature lash loss. Laying on your side, or smashing the pillow into your eyes is bad. This is hard for me, because I am a side sleeper, but my stylist recommended a special "lash pillow" and a "lash eye mask" what helps with this problem.

How long do Extensions last?

Each extension is dipped in glue and adhered to one of your natural eyelashes, one by one. Depending on your growth cycle, everyone sheds differently, it is recommended to get a refill every 2 - 3 weeks. The most common types of extensions are, synthetic, silk, and mink. Silk is your best choice, they are soft, light and flexible. Synthetic lashes are harder and feel "crunchy" on your eye. And mink lashes are from the animal, so you could get a allergic reaction. Yes I know, Beyoncé wears mink lashes, but she also has more money then I.

Will it hurt?

I was a little apprehensive about the thought of my first session. Laying on my back, my eyes closed and tweezers working on me, scared me.

Let me tell you, I barley knew it was happening! Actually, I fell asleep pretty fast and got my beauty sleep in.

My eyes have always been my best feature, and now they are even better! My lashes are long and full and beautiful. I don't need mascara anymore and stranger stop me to complement me on my lashes! I definitely keep them. My only fear is, that I am now addicted to my lashes and will have to go forever for refills.

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