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Why the LASH CAFE & SPA doesn't "count lashes"

Many of our competitors count lashes and charge for each extra lash. Lash Cafe & Spa doesn't believe in this policy. You will get as many lash extensions as necessary to fill you up at a refill. We don't stop at 20 lashes per eye.

However, we have different Looks (Mascara, Glamour and Fluffy), your stylist can vary the number and length of the extensions, as well as the thickness to create the look you want.

Every application is limited by the number of natural lashes you have. With the traditional lash extension technique, a single extension is glued to each of your natural lashes. Nature and genetics gave you a certain amount of natural lashes, extensions can only be applied to existing lashes.

Talk to your technician and explain to her which look you want to achieve. We are happy to help you choose the right one for you.

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